Home Inspections by Triangle Home Checkers

Our Approach

A Home Inspection by Triangle Home Checkers is hallmarked by three main qualities. The first is our strong attention to detail, ensuring that as we learn about your home we can help you understand your home completely as well. The second is our speed and flexibility. These two items go hand in hand, allowing us to fit into your schedule and help you make your Due Diligence Deadlines. The last, and certainly not least, is our customer service. You hire us to do a job, but you also hire us to help you throughout the process. We are always available to answer questions and provide follow-up or re-check inspections.

Getting in Touch!
We primarily serve the following counties in North Carolina: Wake, Durham, Orange, Granville, Franklin, Chaham, & Lee Counties. Schedule Online or By Phone. 919-272-7364 If you are unsure about our service area, Call Burke to Double Check!

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